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Foreclosure Relief Options
With high unemployment rates, a downward-spiraling economy and adjustable rate mortgages, many homeowners are facing the possibility of losing their home. Homeowners facing foreclosure not only face the prospect of losing their home, but having a tarnished credit report for years to come. While the prospect of losing your home may seem bleak, there are several foreclosure relief options available to you.

Talk to your lender
Many mortgage lenders are willing to work with homeowners who are having difficulty making their monthly mortgage payment. Some available options include:

The best time to contact your lender is when you first know that you may have problems making your mortgage payment. Being open with your lender may give you the opportunity to make things manageable before things become unmanageable. Additionally, lenders are typically more willing to work with homeowners who communicate their financial hardships before missing a payment.

For more information, check out Avoiding Foreclosure http://www.bankruptcyinfonetwork.com/avoiding-foreclosure.htm.

Credit counseling
Legitimate credit counseling agencies can help you work within your means to overcome financial difficulties. They can also help you understand the options that are available to you and help you develop a budget to live within your means. See What is Credit Counseling http://www.bankruptcyinfonetwork.com/credit-counseling.htmfor more information.

Deed in lieu of foreclosure
A deed in lieu of foreclosure is a way to voluntarily sign the deed to your property over to your lender. Lenders typically forgive the debt you owe on your home when they agree to a deed in lieu of foreclosure. Though you still lose your home in this process, you can avoid the devastating credit consequences of losing your home to a foreclosure.